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Okay, so you've found yourself in the city and you are in need of some company. You've already decided on choosing one of the many Asian escorts London has to offer but you haven't done this before. It's equally scary and exciting. But what kind of habits do you have that can virtually destroy your chances of another encounter with a beautiful Asian escort? London has many but they all have the same basic expectations from you. Here is a list of things you better not do if you want to get in the good books with one of our girls.


1 - Dirty Bathroom


Yeah, you could just close the door and pretend it's not there, but sooner or later someone is going to need to excuse themselves for a potty break. If your bathroom looks like it just survived a hit by a hurricane with trash, towels and dirty clothes all over the floor and everywhere else, it is not going to end well for you. Sure, maybe you are ordinarily a slob but the escort you have planned to spend some out-call time with doesn't need to see that side of you at all.


2 - Throw Trash In The Garbage


This is an extension of the first point. If your place is messy and there is garbage everywhere, you really need an extreme makeover. The Asian escorts London has to offer are not maids. They are not being paid to clean your hotel room. That's your job. Put discarded food wrappers, pizza boxes, used facial tissues and anything else that would normally rest in a garbage container, in a garbage container.


3 - Dress The Part


No one wants to see you in dirty pajamas. Or shirtless. Or answering the door naked. There's a time and place for that and the beginning of the out-call is not that time. Sure, your escort is not there to be your girlfriend, but you do need to treat her with the respect you would give to a girlfriend. Think of the out-call as a 'first date' in a way. Would you dress like a slob for that? If your answer is yes, you need more help than we can offer.


4 - Food Etiquette


It's perfectly alright to offer food during the out-call. In fact, if you pre-arranged it correctly, the encounter can easily include dinner or a snack of some kind. But remember, you are not hanging out with the guys so belching, messy eating, over indulging in alcoholic beverages and eating with your hands are pretty much out of bounds during an out-call. Well, this is unless you are serving finger foods. Otherwise, keep in mind that talking when your mouth is full of food is not going to make this the perfect night you had hoped for.


Treat Her Right For A Good Night


We call our elite escorts. London demands the best of the best and that is what we strive to provide. However, it is a two-way street. This list is intended to give you hints on what not to do so that you can truly have a wonderful experience while visiting our beautiful city.


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